How China Built ‘iPhone City’

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    Dec 31, 1969
    It is mind boggling to think that Foxconn's factory in Zhengzhou has more employees than three quarters of the cities and towns in our country. It's no wonder China gives the company billions in perks.

    Running at full tilt, the factory here, owned and operated by Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn, can produce 500,000 iPhones a day. Locals now refer to Zhengzhou as “iPhone City.” As China’s largest private employer, Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, has enormous leverage in the negotiations for those incentives. The company’s size and scale — and the sway that they afford in China — is connected to Apple. Foxconn is Apple’s largest supplier. Apple is Foxconn’s largest customer.

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    May 24, 2012
    So I'm guessing there's a net around the city instead of a wall? :happy:
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    There's a documentary about Shenzhen (a different locale than what's mentioned in the OP) I watched recently, amazing what they're doing over there in terms of just how advanced things are becoming and it's definitely worth checking out if you have just over an hour to spare:

    As someone that's been a city dweller, born and raised, here in the US the sheer scope of those "megacities" over there in China is bewildering to say the least - if I didn't know better I'd say most of the science fiction writers and anime creators who predict that we'll have such gigantic metropolises in the (near, maybe) future are actually pretty spot on.

    Megacorporations and Megacities where pretty much everyone is either an employee or... well, trash basically. :p
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    It's amazing how quickly they can get things done over there, and how little red tape there is. I worked for a crane and heavy equipment manufacturer who set up shop there. The government basically built our company a small city, in the middle of nowhere, in a matter of months.
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    The one guy in that video talks so kindly of the government... Scumbag government that has free speech as a privilege is a scumbag government.
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    That tax shelter they came up inside that import/export zone is genius.
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    Mar 13, 2005
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    "...but in China you can taste the air, and it tastes like iPhone 3's"... from one of my favorite parody songs, "America sucks less"
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    So is this like it used to be in the good old USA? You work for the company, the company owns the place you live and you pay rent to the company and then everything you buy is from the company store? What could possibly go wrong.
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    Yup. Railroads, some mining operations, and I think even Ford had towns where everything was owned and operated by the company. If done right, it works. Problems start when someone gets too greedy. As recently as the 80's there was a trucking outfit that offered everything (other than permanent housing, but I think if you drove overland continuously you could probably never have to go 'home') on sites owned and run by the company. Most employees liked the place. When the company is profitable, and the owners treat the employees like they would (the golden rule), it can work.
    As above, somebody gets too greedy. Bean counters decide to push the envelope and see just how much they can make before people get hurt or die. The idea that you can just keep taking more and more out of other people's lives because you believe that they don't deserve what they have, and that YOU should have more and more. That's what goes wrong. Greed.