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    I was wondering, I'm going to be looking into learning some php and html programming as well as host a WordPress site from my raspberry pi 3+.i have a domain name already that I will be using for the site and name cheap also offered a 1$/mnth price for easy wp, and I'm going to use that as well buy what I need to know is this. How can I go about making it so my WordPress site hosted locally is the one that my domain name directs to. I don't feel like paying 4$/mnth later to use easywp. If it will save more headache later on I will.

    And my other question to, I will be setting up a plex server as well and want to be able to direct traffic to the server relatively easy with my domain name but I don't want to have to use a port in the URL in order to access the site. I'm trying to make it simple for my wife and friends that I will be setting this up for.
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    I would suggest developing on XAMPP/WAMP/LAMP/MAMP locally and just uploading your files to where ever. Running though a PI3 seems excessively nuanced. Issues with the speed, memory with 'dynamic content', SD card failure, etc.

    If you do opt to go that route there are a ton of tutorials on teh setup, and for the most part your domain host you pop in the IP address of the pi3.
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    you can pay like $2.50/mo for a VPS from vultr that would be way better than a rpi on your home connection... feel free to use my referral code :p
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    I would also advise against using a Raspberry Pi for this, your going to quickly run into performance problems. I tried to use one to host an instance of TinyTinyRSS and it didn't last long until I wanted something with better performance for faster response time. I've never had any problems with SD card failures.

    If you insist on hosting this yourself you should consider the potential security implications and at the very least have the web server off on a seperate DMZ-type network.
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