Homepod Calibration


Dec 23, 2006
Hi all, does anyone know a way to either (a) force re-calibration or (b) be certain a calibration has taken place?

(First, for the people about to reply "you just lift it up, then put it back down" because you read that in the Internet... I know that too so no need to replicate every other reply to this question that I've found so far...)

The above advice perhaps is working for me but the speaker certainly is not doing anything as a result of lifting / moving it - no light on the top surface, no test tones being emitted etc. I vaguely recall when purchasing this that it did some kind of test tone calibration. At the time the speaker was in the nook of an L wall and now it's in the middle of an open room, so I'd like to be sure there's no wonky legacy calibration still in place.