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  1. sphinx99

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    Dec 23, 2006
    What I am looking for:
    - tower chassis due to tight floor space
    - somewhere in the 12-16 3.5" HDD range, preferably closer to the 16, with room for at least one 2.5" and one 5.25" in addition. Even more would not be a minus, but it is not a requirement. 12 minimum though.
    - role is primarily storage; it would get some decent quad core and later might be repurposed for gaming, OC, so some air flow would be nice, but it does not need to be a water cooling monster
    - hot swap capability would be nice for the HDDs but optional if the drive bays are easy to get to
    - I do not mind paying more for high quality and especially for good airflow at QUIET sound levels
    - this might sit on carpet so easy to clean dust filters would be a nice-to-have as well. Ditto to optional caster wheels.
    - I am not opposed to a good cube case if it has really solid storage capacity; I just can't have a rackmount-style unit

    So far I have had my eye on the Lian Li 2120 (only con is the extra size to accommodate water cooling applications?) and the Antec 1200 V3, which is nice but a bit ugly and possibly somewhat loud. I am sure there are other options; what should I consider?
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    Feb 13, 2003
    Check the sticky at the top for the SpineRex.
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    May 3, 2009