Heres my version of Phantom


Feb 28, 2001
Its got all the goodies kids love. NES, SNES, GENESIS, MAME and PC games.

The PC games got a little annoying having to switch I cruised over to my favorite "no CD" patch world site and found what I needed.

Works very nice with the Saiteks and $20 Lite On Wireless RF Keyboard and Mouse.


And in Pieces
BEGONE said:
Hows the TV show quality on that Wonder VE?

To be honest, using Beyond TV its a little pixilated, but its not too noticable.. I don't think it is as good as my leadek on the other computer I have. But Beyond TV doesn't support the leadtek....
Soyo K7VME-(only got it cuz it was free after rebate from MWAVE, it works with the mobile AMD i have but it has no voltage control and over volts it from 1.45 to the defualt barton of 1.55)

AMD XP 2500+ Mobile
512 PC 3200 Mushkin Green
TV Wonder VE and Remote Wonder I
Cooler Master HTPC Case
Audigy MP3
2x80GB WD 2mb
Generic 802.11b USB Wireless
Lite ON RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
2x Saitek Gamepads
XFX Geforce 5200 128MB (just barely can render high end games at 640x480 at a constant 30 FPS)
Generice Dynatron all copper HSF with 80MM Pany on it.

I am going to scrap the motherboard and video card sometime later, and throw in an nforce and a ATI 9500/9600/9700/9800 someday so I can have a little more horse power to move it to my Sony HD tube downstairs.

All in all I got the system for less than $500 (I had the hard drives laying maybe $600 if you gotta buy everything)
Why not just have all that stuff inside myHTPC? Or do you and just didnt show it? I have mine setup to have music, videos, etc, and I browse by title so if I want to play some old school Contra, I just go to Games > NES > Contra and it starts up the game.
DRxAndy said:
you mispelled genesis on the icon hehe :D

I know, if i put that extra e in the middle it puts the last s on the next line...annoying....anyhow...I know what gensis icon is for....hehe
Bling said:
whats with it being so blurry?

thats cuz its running on a composite input into a 6 year old TV....I think it looks good for such a ancient connection.