Help with hardware upgrade freenas


Aug 6, 2008
So I currently have a freenas(just upgraded to truenas)
16x 4tb drives, old lsi hba and 2x intel raid expanders.
E3-1230v2 32gb ecc
Super micro x9scl+-f

I would like to upgrade mobo/cpu/ram, budget under $500 used is fine with me, ebay ect.

Looking to be able to handle some ubuntu 20 vms on top of the nas/plex that's running. This old xeon just doesn't cut it anymore.

Prefer something in the lower tdp range 50w or so. Ecc is a must. And 3 pcie slots. Duel 1gb nics a must. It's going in a 4u 24 drive rack, so full atx will fit matx is fine also.
Been out of the server hardware game for a while and all these damn intel models are freaking confusing lol. Can spend hours just figuring out what model is what gen. Prefer something 8th gen.

Any recommendations? Under $500 for cpu/mobo/32gb ecc minimum but 64gb would be very nice.


Dec 1, 2004
I dunno, inexpensive server chips and low TDP do not always mix.

Given your budget, I would strongly consider installing a Ryzen CPU/mobo as a server. Obviously you would skip out on having a BMC unless you get one of the ASRock Rack boards (which I have reviewed and are nice, but costly), but the non-APU Ryzen chips can handle ECC memory for the most part, and all support up to 4x 32GB DIMMs.


Jul 22, 2013
Going to go with the above poster... The only low power I can think of would be an atom C3000 series, which will work for docker, and plex (can handle 4K content). But some VMs? Ehhhh... Not sure what you are trying to accomplish with those.

Posting for a good read/idea.

Well, I would not recommend commercial Ryzen and ECC. It’s not only the CPU that has to handle it but also the motherboard. While Asrock has some nice boards, people at level1techs have made note that the ECC works but not works (or can’t verify). As in the system runs but does not report memory errors.