Help! What case?!


Oct 4, 2010
Ok guys I am at a loss, and can't make a decision here on what next I want to get.

Here is what I am looking for. Preferably a mid tower case, as I move my rig around a bit for LAN parties and such. But I really want something elegant, like the 650D, but I really like the style of the nzxt phantom, because it's unique. I want something unique. Definite's are a side panel window (I love to see my work and show it off) and a black interior with good cable management. I am willing to look at full tower cases, but like I said I'd prefer mid. Help me find a case!

P.S. My budget max is $170-180
Preferably black also, but definitely something I will consider. I am also looking at the CM storm sniper with the blue LED's, anyone have any experience with that? (I will also consider a semi-see through mesh side as a window option)
Ya know I think I may just get the corsair 650D. With the right LED's and 5.25 accessories, it looks really sexy. Guess I'll have to leave it up to internals and those things to make it very unique. I'm sure I won't be disappointed though!
I recommend the 650D, which I also just recently got