Help w/Archival Blu-Ray Storage Issues...

Oct 7, 2006
Hi, gang,

I'm wrestling with the typical long-term data storage/backup issues, and I'd like some opinions on my options.

I presently have several hundred burned DVDs/CDs with movies, music, books and software. After 10 years or so, I've never encountered a corrupted data disk, but I certainly haven't tried to read each disk in the collection. (Most are on Verbatim DVD blanks, but there are some blanks of unknown parentage in there.)

As with most "collector" types, most of this stuff won't ever be used -- but like the public library, I don't want to simply chuck it, either :)

The question, then, is how to safely store it for the long haul, without getting too crazy or spending a ton of money.

I recently acquired new Plextor and a Samsung Blu-Ray recorders and have been thinking about the relative merits of switching from Verbatim DVDs to Verbatim BR-Rs (or a similar high-quality brand). But after doing a bunch of reading, I'm concerned about disk quality and longevity issues. Blu-Ray media seems to still be in its "Wild West" phase...and prices, even for crappy media, are still on the high side.

Years ago I had figured that optical drive and media technology would sort of keep pace, and that I'd take older archive disks and consolidate them onto newer, higher-density media every 5-10 years. That time is now...but there doesn't seem to be a clear path forward.

Is there any reasonable consensus about Blu-Ray drives and media and longevity? My present "gold standard' is Verbatim DVD+Rs (made in SIngapore).

Should I buy hard drives (1-3 TB) in pairs and RAID 1 or simply copy the same long-term data onto two separate drives?



--KK in MN