Help! My laptops clock hates me


Limp Gawd
Jul 25, 2001
Evertime that my laptop goes into standby, the clock gets set 3 hours ahead. I can go into the bios, and change it there but it'll still change it back to 3 hours ahead the next time it goes on standby. any know of a reason for this?
Can't say i've heard of that problem but [H]ard Bump for somebody else here in Cincinnati :D
I would say if it's changing in windows its probably the automatic time update shit.
is your timezone set correctly? (yeah, I know, dumb question, but I had to ask :D)
Checked that already. here's a description of my setup.

I logged into a windows 2000 Domain,
with a debian linux router.
The laptops a windows 2000 box.
Originally posted by Chakachim
Please do explain.

Double-click on the time on the start bar, goto time zone and internet time and see if the auto updates are enabled. And that you have the right time zone selected if they are.
the time zone is correct, and the automatic daylight savings update isn't selected