Help me build my rig


Apr 9, 2007
Hey All, I have a need for building a rig from scratch for some ML modeling work. Last time I built a rig was 2020 (for gaming, not ML) so I'm excited about this but also don't have a clue of what I need. Here is what I have on my mind:
  1. In the process of grabbing a Threadripper 3970X with Motherboard and Ram from The Cobra form [H] here
  2. The plan is to buy one or two RTX 4090 for now (whatever I can air cool). Then expand to 4 when I can
What this means is I need to worry about a few things:
  • I will need a PSU that can power all that. Ideally I'd like to deal with just one but I guess worst case I would need two?
  • I will need liquid cooling. So I need a case that's good and will fit
  • Will this motherboard fit 4 cards. Maybe once they're fitted with waterblocks? If not, maybe I need to look for another motherboard
With all of that in mind, here is what I need help with:
  1. What's a good PSU that can handle it all (something like 2400W?). If one can't do it, guess I need a case that will fit two? Brings me to point #2
  2. What's a good case that will fit the above PSU, and also a reasonable water cooling solution in it
  3. What's a good RTX 4090 that I can buy now that has a reasonably priced compatible waterblock that I can stick on it later.
  4. With these expansion plans, what sort of water cooler should I get right now.
  5. What don't I know that I need to know?
I am trying to keep the costs to a minimum. So cheaper alternatives > more expensive stuff. Thanks a lot.
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