help: issues with keyboard


Limp Gawd
Jul 28, 2008
i need help with this problem. first off, my keyboard is the microsoft digital media 3000 keyboard with Vista Ultimate. there are several buttons (ie. shortcuts, play, pause, zoom, My Pictures, My Documents, ect) in addition to the standard buttons and the number pad. recently i discovered that, although my standard keys work, the multimedia buttons do not. i tried reinstalling the driver, uninstalling, using different usb ports, and everything i can think of. i went to the device manager and uninstalled the keyboard and plugged it back it. i did not get the message saying "new device has been found" though. so im not sure if i properly uninstalled the driver or not. it is really frustrating because the main reason i got this keyboard was because of the convenience of those buttons and now they dont function properly!

i tried this with other PC's and they seem to work, so i think its something with my computer, whether its driver issues or what. if anybody can help me that would be VERY helpful!