HELP! GA-G33M won't start


Oct 19, 2005

I am in need of some good advice.
Since this is my 3. GA-G33M board, other once replaced by RMA, i'm starting to get piss'ed. When I put everything together and getting ready to power up, the same problem shows.
When pushing the pwr. on, the CPU fan spin's up, and then the systme shut's down. I'm down to, only CPU and RAM.
The PSU is a 650 Watt Silverstone, and seem's to work fint.
The CPU, a Intel E6850, is my second one. The other one was changed on RMA.
It look's like that the board won't hold power.... is it the CPU, that keeps the power on? If so.. it will be returned on a RMA case.

Hope for some good advice....
What kind of RAM do you have, make and model?

Basic things to try.

1. Clear the cmos.
2. Try with only 1 stick of RAM installed.
3. What video card? Try without the video card and boot with onboard video.

See if any of that helps.
RAM is Crusial Ballastix Tracer PC8500. I've tried with only one stick
No video card installed. Only one is onboard.
Clear CMOS? are you sure? it's a brand new board... never used
I've seen this before with a dodgy PSU that wasn't delivering the correct power into the ATX 4-pin processor power cable. (You did plug that in, right?) I recommend trying a different PSU, if you can find it.

Edit: And yes, absolutely clear CMOS on a new board. At most you have nothing to lose and I've seen them come with dodgy settings before...
I too also recommend trying a different PSU. If this is your second board and it's having the same problem, then there might be something wrong with the PSU you're using.
hmm... weird. i had it happen to me the last week. tested only one, but wouldnt boot. reset cmos. still wouldn't boot. tested the other stick. booted fine. so i determined one stick dead. i was messing with latencies on my d9ftb sticks and wouldnt boot at all. fan kicks in cd spins up but no boot. so i reset cmos (PITA because i have to take system apart to get at it). works fine now. could just be ram. cheap nowadays. got my 2gb stick for $20 after rebate. you can find 2x1gb ballistix kits for $30, but ummm... yah ballistix seem to die a lot. the people doing rma's don't even ask you much, they just accept it usually. kind of a bad sign. waitin for mine to come back. hope i don't have to rma all the time.

for some reason... i'd rather buy a $10 stick of ram and test with it rather than get a psu tester, but that's just me. i go through a lot of equipment, and it's hardly ever the psu... if you select a good one that is (your psu seems like a good one). :D had one whole system get fried because of a psu.... live and learn i guess.