help configuring Nova Time Clock communication throughj ethernet


Sep 29, 2005

I have inherited an office full of computers, left by the previous IT support guy that left no instructions, records, or paperwork of what he did for my client.

They have a time clock that is hooked up via ethernet directly to a secondary (pci) NIC inside the accounting computer. When their old drive crashed, I had to reinstall everything with no idea of the previous config.

I have talked with the vendor, (NOVA time) and they do not know how the previous guy had it setup either, they insist that there must be a switch in between the clock and the computer for the time clock application to detect the clock itself.

My brief conversation with the former employee revealed that he configured the secondary NIC on a different subnet (and thats all he said).
I think what I am looking for is the right numbers/settings to configure the secondary NIC with, so that the application detects the IP of the time clock.

The IP address of the time clock program is
The IP address of the computer is

I have no problem buying a switch, however, I want to know how to do this for future problems.

UPDATE: I have gained access to the clock via internet browser by setting up the NIC with the following settings
However the time clock program still cant detect the clock
IP Adress:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gate: left blank
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