Help Choosing Areca Raid Controller


Limp Gawd
Jun 28, 2005
Hey all,

I'm building a file server and I'd like advice on which card is the best out of these models.

1231ML,1680ix, or 1880ix.

I'm going to be running four SSDs in Raid 5, six WD Blacks in RAID 6, and a pair of SSDs mirrored for the OS drive, with some expansions at a later date. Motherboard is EVGA SR-2. Still picking out other parts.

If they are pretty comparable and you know some good sites for research, let me know and I'll look it up myself.

Am I correct that the best choice as far as ports is to get the smallest Raid card and just team it with the HP SAS Expander?

Do I need a BBU in case of power failure?

Multiple responses or agreement with other peoples' opinions welcome and appreciated.
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