Help BF1942 & 9800 AA not working...


Dec 22, 2002
Just did a fresh install of BF1942; Anti-Aliasing isn't working. Are there any known issues with AA and this game; I seem to recall AA working fine a few months ago?

A couple notes:

System in sig
Had to do the video config refresh hack to get the game working
Running at 1024x768x32 @ 85 Hz.
I just notice that last night aswell, my AA isnt working, well to some extent it does, like 1x, but aside from that, no AA is present, and i use 6X AA for all my games. Did the cat 3.10's fix this?
Are you using a utility like Rage3D to tweak and overclock you card? If you are....go into the Rage3DTweak tab and look to see if FSAA is really engaged in D3D or OpenGL. I find I have to 'remind' Rage3D to turn AA on. :rolleyes:
i dont think aa works well with bf1942, its the game not the graphics card.
I'm not a big AA fan myself, prefer higher resolution with higher frame rate, but I've had my BFG 5900nu run AA at 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x in BF with no problems.

It's not the game's problem.