Mar 10, 2014

New Gameplay trailer 4/30/14:

Super excited about this game. Reminds me of a couple of my favs from back in the day, Dark Messiah and Hexen. This has 2-4 person co-op which makes it an instant purchase for me, more games need to get back into co-op story mode gameplay. My only current concern is it's made by Techland (Dead Island). Hated that game personally but the footage from this looks 100% different so I'm hopeful. Game looks to have talent trees and weapon/armor customization as well.
I'll hold off until patches are done after release. Dead Island was a clusterfuck (and in some areas, still is)
I was looking forward to this up to the point i found out it was dead island devs who were doing it.
Gameplay trailers look great, and it is one I'm watching. But I have the same reservations about it due to the developer. Going to wait for the game to be in consumer hands before making a final decision on a purchase.
Just heard about this game. Reminds me of the old school classic Hexen from the Quake days.

Any updates ?