HDMI Cable Question


Mar 7, 2004
I just got a Sony HD camcorder, and the cheap bastards didn't even include an HDMI cable with it. So i ordered one not even thinking twice about it (my first experience with HDMI) and when i get the cable i realize that the Sony uses a "Mini HDMI" cable (type C i think they call it). Well i look high and low, and i can only find 3 places to get a Type A to Type C cable, and they're all $30+ whereas i got my HDMI cable from monoprice for $8. This leads me to my question, do they make an adapter? Does anyone know where to get these Type A to Type C cables for cheap? Is this just a matter of waiting for cables to become widely available? To think Sony would sell me a $1200 camcorder and not even include a cable that they heavily advertised on the box/store shelf is ridiculous.:mad: