HDD Mining?


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 28, 2008
I used to mine Burstcoin for hdd mining but only got in when it was nearly mined out. I've not looked back into it recently but I assume its nearly useless to mine.

I tried storj and ran some numbers, it doesn't look profitable.

BitcoinHD? I looked into it just enough to see you could cross mine burst with the plots and figured it probably wasn't worth mining.

I've stumbled upon chia and it seems like it might be worth a gamble on plotting a few TB to see if it ever goes anywhere. It isn't live yet though so no way to figure out profitability. The HUGE premine is a big turn off too...

Filecoin looked like it could be fun to get into even with the very high hardware requirements but having to pledge filecoin on top of an expensive machine is just too much risk with no decent calculator out there to see if it will even be profitable.

Any other HDD mining coins worth a look? Or is HDD mining just not worth it?


May 20, 2011

I got curious about this one yesterday, I see fairly mixed results from what I've found online, but seems like it might have potential. To me it felt like it had the most promise out of any of the hdd mining options out there right now.

It seems kinda like you need to get lucky enough that people store stuff with you AND move lots of data since that's what really pays. I see reports of it taking a loooong time for people to get the storage space they've made available utilized.


This is the other one I looked at, but the gargantuan hardware requirements to get started had me noping out immediately.