HD works, partition dead?


Mar 11, 2001
I really need to get at least one file (sagetv index so it knows which shows/episodes have been recorded/watched already) off of this harddrive. It was setup into two partitions years ago and I was able to quickly retrieve all my files on the second partition without issue. The first partition though gives me something about a "pagein" error. Checkdisk runs for awhile and then seems to always hault in random places. Is there any way to get to my data (55GB partition, the working one is 100GB) to pull off what I can? Anyone ever encounter anything like this?

The drive itself occasionally whines louder and quieter at random intervals so its probably on its way out (WD 160GB SE that expired 12/05), but I don't see why the second partition works great while the first seems completely corrupt and locks up the comnputer if you try to access it. Doesn't seem like a FAT problem but who knows.

When trying to access the drive: "Error performing inpage function."
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