Having serious issues... (FP241W)


Sep 6, 2006
I bought my BenQ FP241 monitor early on, and as such it didn't have the 1:1 pixel mapping upgrade.

I took it in to have the upgrade done, and when I got it back to my house, my DVI input on the monitor was no longer getting a signal. When I unplugged the cable it got "no cable detected" so I figured the cable was fine, and perhaps BenQ had messed something up during the firmware process. RMA'ed the monitor for a broken DVI input, and upon their inspection (and them showing it to me), the DVI port is functioning fine in their testbed.

So I figured it might be my video card's DVI output. I bought a DVI > VGA adaptor and hooked it up to my video card, and then plugged a VGA cable into the monitor, and it works fine...So the video cards DVI out appears to be working perfectly. I tested this in a dual monitor setup with the primary monitor an old CRT connected to my VGA port, and the BenQ connected through a DVI > VGA adapter to my DVI port. Worked fine. It also works fine as a single, primary display running on both VGA direct, and using the DVI > VGA adapter.

This left only one option -- my DVI cable, I just went out and bought a new DVI cable, and it's the exact same thing as before, no signal detected...

The only thing that changed during my setup was that while my LCD was away for the firmware upgrade, I went back to using an old CRT connected through VGA. Is there someway that could have gotten my video card "stuck" in vga-output-only mode (if there even is such a thing.)

Quick summary:

1.) Monitor's DVI input stops working detects the cable being connected, but says "no signal detected" and then turns itself off, RMA'd and confirmed that it IS NOT the monitor (I saw the guy testing it through DVI)

2.) Then I thought it was the video card's DVI out, confirmed it working by using a DVI > VGA adapter and plugging into monitor's VGA input.

3.) Only other logical option was the DVI cable being messed up, just bought a new one, and still the same thing.

System Specs:
P4 2.8
Radeon 9700pro
1gb PC3200

If anyone can help me that would be great, dropped nearly a grand on thing thing, all I wanted was the firmware upgrade and now I'm stuck in this nightmare :( .


Limp Gawd
Mar 21, 2006
DVI > VGA adaptor divert analog signals carried by the dvi-i port of your graphic card is working, it does not indicate that the digital signal of your graphic card is working.

It is possible the monitor is not receiving the proper digital signal resolution/frequency from your graphic card (or the digital signal processor of your graphic card is fried).