Having problems with dust!! need advice!


Jan 31, 2004
Hey folks, I am having a crazy dust problem. I have to dust my system, monitor, router, modem, etc... , everything, like everyday. I have been lookin at your pictures in these forums and it seems you folks don't deal with the same problem. Or maybe you do and you have just found a solution. I was wondering if you have any ideas on how to control the dust in my room? to prevent having to wipe everything down every five minutes..
do you haev your computer sitting on the floor? if so ive heard it picks up more dust that way. maybe look into filters for your intake fans and just clean them every once in whenever.
as jwill said dude, use one of those ac filter thingys. they make good filters, cut on into the size of your fan and use install it buy using the screws when u install the fan. but it might not blow in that much air. give it a try and tell us.
dust is mostly made up of dead skin cells

so buy some lotion and change the air filter on your HVAC unit in your house.. get one of those 3m hepa filters. :D

maybe try a room sized air purifier.