Having an odd problem w/ my lcd ~ check it


Feb 11, 2002
This is kind of a weird problem. Wehenver I have certain colors on my screen certain colors will start flickering on the screen, somtimes its random and sometimes they are lines of pixels thats just start flickering lots of different colors. I know it is my LCD because I use dual-display setup and when I switch webpages that have this problem over to my CRT the colors go back to normal, then bring it back to LCD and the pixels where these colors are start flickering again.

I have tried switching resolutions, frame rates, everything... the problem always seems to happen.

Is there something wrong with my monitor or something? Btw im using a megavision mv173
I might add the flickering pixels are only red green and blue. I have NO idea whats happening.
I have had a similar issue when restarting my comp. I nearly shat my pants when I first saw random pixels over my entire screen flashing different colours. i quickly turned it off, and then back on and the problem was gone (and always has been when I turn it on and off0. So maybe just try turning the monitor off and then back on a few seconds later (unless you've already tried this obvious suggestion?). My guess is that this problem is occuring due to an interupted DVI connection .. but thats pure speculation, i really have no idea why this happens. hopefully you'll figure out yer prob :)