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May 18, 1997
What we would like to see here is a continuation of how news has been presented here in the past.

1. A brief or complex introduction to the link must be posted. Just links with no discussion will not be allowed.

2. If you have a picture to go with the OP, that is great, but not required. Remember, the editor will allow you to drag and drop in an image, so it is very simple.

3. Let's try to stay with "tech" topics and those related to geek culture.

4. Always search to make sure your news post is not a duplicate.

5. 100 Posts will be required of your account to post in this forum to cut down on drive-by spammers looking to abuse this new subforum.

6. All rules still apply in this forum, so let's try out best to promote CIVIL DISCUSSION, please.
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We are putting forth some changes in how the Tech News sub will be moderated.

Lately, it seems to have become fashionable to constantly disrupt threads from sources that some forum members here have issue with. This will end now.

If you disrupt discussions that you simply do not like because of the sources those are pulled from, you will be warned using the warning system here (as described in the HardForum Rules Thread). If you continue to present the behavior that has been warned against, your account will be banned for a limited time. Beyond that, if you continue with the behavior, you risk permanently losing your account.

The best solution for your issues with news sources is simply to not interject your opinions about the sources into a conversation that you of course are not interested in.

If you are this guy:


I would suggest that you take your discussions elsewhere and let the rest of us discuss the topic at hand, and makes arguments ON TOPIC and decide if the topic is based in reality.
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