Hard drive setup...


Nov 17, 2007
Recently upgraded and grabbed 2x 500gb WD Blacks and have them in RAID 0 with OS on them.

Out of bordom, I benched the RAID 0 setup and my 150gb ADFD Raptor with HD Tune. On the raid, my transfer rates are doubled and burst rate is about 25mb/sec faster then the Raptor. But comes in at a 12.5ms access time compared to my raptor at 8.1ms.

Now here is the question.

Should I run the raptor as my OS/Games drive with it doing backups to my old Seagate 320gb then putting the 2x 500gb drives in a Mirror and use them as storage?

Or should I just keep the 2x 500 in RAID0 and do backups to my 320gb until it runs out of space and let the raptor collect dust?

How do you guys think I should run the setup?