HAPPY NEW YEAR !! .... how are you spending this Holiday??


Limp Gawd
Jul 17, 2003
Are you grabbing the rest of the week and making it into one big holiday?
I'm spending it, gaming on my new LCD.
How about you, what are you doing on this New Years?
What new LCD? 2001 I bet. Happy New Year to you though dude. I sstill have my VP171b. :)
Holiday plans
* Watch football with ATI AIW VE card while surfing.
* Play some UT03, Halo ect. (with LCD monitor of course)
* Go for long walk today, really warm in Ohio today
* Help wife take down x-mas stuff (during commercials & game breaks)

I've been off since the 22nd of December return to work Jan 5th...

What the rest of you doin for the rest of your Holiday ?

Happy New Year !
PARTY IT UP. Actually I already spent my new years like a party animal. Woke up with a tally of 13 beers on my arm, 1 cigar, and 2 cigs. And I thought I would never do drugs when I was a little boy. Shame on me.
Football...a holiday necessity.

Hunkering down in the house. 4 inches (so far) of snow on the ground. Very unusual for the Portland, Oregon area, although it would be nothing for Portland, Maine. :D
Recovering from a wild night out, a couple hookers, and about a fifth of Jack Daniels.

Nothing better than a hooker and a fifth of JD on New Year's Eve.
Recovering from a wild night out, a couple hookers, and about a fifth of Jack Daniels.

Good man :D I could have gone for a hooker or two but I'll get where I'm goin' in time.
21.3" Viewsonic VP211B.
BTW...who's the "real" Super Bowl King??
Who s-h-o-u-l-d be King---if they hadn't screwed up?
Skritch, I hope all went well.
The cat (wife) is away, so the mouse shall play...

... at cleaning house. Meh. Oh well, she works her butt off while I'm on the road for work, so it's the least I can do in return.
Originally posted by Rim

Skritch, I hope all went well.

Seems to be. Just takes a long time to recover. It was last Tuesday (the 23rd), and I haven't left bed for any significant time since. Complete reconstructive surgery on my left knee.

I'm sure there are more painful things one can experience (quite probably involving slow crushing actions and certain male glands), but if there are, they are few, and I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Knee surgery is without a doubt the most painful thing I've ever experienced (except for the original injury).
Originally posted by skritch
Recovering from surgery.

Man, I know exactly how you feel. I was in that position laster year. This year I've spent my vacation playing rounds and rounds of golf, gaming, cleaning up my closet (found enough parts to build 3 computers in there.), and enjoying all I can out of my 2001FP :)