H110i GTX performance issues


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Aug 8, 2017
So I helped a friend out with an OC on a i7-7820x, and he was so happy to be at 5.0 stable with temps under 75 in prime95, that he gave me his old H110i GTX. This cooler has the Asetek pump/block.

The issues I am having are that most of the time it will idle at 27°-32° and some times the temps will idle at 55°-65°C.
I have also noticed that when the temps are higher on idle that the pump is running at a higher rpm than normal (5-10%).
I also noticed that if it is idling high, as SOON as I flick the tubes the temps drop back down to 27°-32° @ idle.

My question is, do you think it is low on water/fluid due to 2-3 years of use?
If so do you think taking the block apart and cleaning the fins will help? (note that this cooler was free to me)
If I do disassemble it and flush the rad out, what fluid would i replace it with?

I do believe there is a small fill port under the top cover, but i would probably fill from the opened block.

Thank you much... System in the sig. below.
sounds like it might have a clog. yes you can try and clean it and refill with a light antifreeze mix, 90/10 water to af. i refurb'd a h60 that was clogged.
if you go in through the plate make sure that you use the right torx bit and be careful not to strip the heads. you may be able to unclip and remove the tubes at the rad end.
with my h60 the clog was right in the barb on the rad.
Antifreeze is a bad idea. It's not a biocide and will allow growth.

Replace it with distilled water and add a reputable watercooling additive like PT Nuke.
that's whats in them, distilled water and af(ethylene edit: propylene as noted below). from their faq:
What kind of liquid is used inside the Hydro Series CPU coolers?
The liquid inside our Hydro Series CPU coolers is a mixture of distilled water with Propylene Glycol added to prevent corrosion and organic build-up.

but yes yo could use something else.
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All I can tell you is that Linus TechTips filled their whole room watercooling project with antifreeze and it did NOTHING to prevent biological growth in their system.

I'd much rather recommend proven solutions as used in custom watercooling, over solutions I've literally seen fail - perhaps the nature of a sealed unit filled in controlled conditions allows them the freedom to do other things. All I know is I've seen antifreeze fail to stop growth.
Don't be such a child.

First off, here's Linus emptying a reservoir he used in a sealed loop filled with a Water/Antifreeze mixture, and retrieving biological matter:

Secondly, here's a later timestamp in the same video where he talks about confirming antifreeze does not contain a biocidal agent:

Here's a link to the product Linus shows in that video if you care to do the googling regarding which of the two Glycols you've mentioned so far is actually in it: http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/certified-coolant-0293019p.html

Third, you originally said "Antifreeze", which is broad to begin with and contains additional ingredients. (and I would note that even if Linus has stumbled upon some magic antifreeze that doesn't contain Ethylene or Propylene Glycol, your recommendation of just "Antifreeze" would leave OP equally vulnerable to making the same mistake)

Fourth, you referred to "Ethylene" then tried to back up your statement by quoting Corsair's FAQ that mentioned Propylene - In the same post!

Both are/can be components in Antifreeze, but they're not the same thing and DON'T have the same biocidal properties (Nor indeed, do they appear to have any explicitly biocidal properties from what I've been able to google). In fact, the wikipedia pages for those two chemicals mention multiple times their toxicity, and multiple times reiterate that Propylene Glycol is significantly less toxic and thus used in situations where contamination could be dangerous otherwise.

In fact, propylene Glycol is actually used as a food additive!

Propylene Glycol: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propylene_glycol

Ethylene Glycol: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethylene_glycol

You can even buy both types of antifreeze from the same company - Amsoil makes both.


Finally, I mentioned IN the post you're getting snotty at, that Corsair (Or rather, Asetek) have the advantage of a production facility wherein they may assemble these products in controlled conditions, meaning they wouldn't NEED to be careful about the same things a home user needs to be careful of, because they may be able to guarantee that the assembly areas are not contaminated with biological matter.

OP is a home user. He should do what is good for home users, and not high-production-volume industrial manufacturers working in their own facilities with their own custom tooling and procedure.
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what was childish about my response. youre comparing some cobbled together shit linus did to an aio. using what they use or using any other coolant is fine it all works. second, whatever! i confused the two and didn't catch it. in my eyes your need to try and prove me wrong is more childish. op is on [H] hes a big boy and can do what he wants.
"What was childish about my response?"

Well it was mostly the part where you said
good for you. go tell corsair theyre doing it wrong.

Like some sort of playground-dwelling 5 year old, instead of reading what I said.

As for "cobbled together shit" - taking apart and refilling an AIO is cobbling together a solution for a product Corsair/Asetek state is not intended to be user serviceable. Linus did EXACTLY what you're suggesting (Filled a liquid cooling system with an antifreeze/water mix.)

He subsequently found that Antifreeze is not a biocide and thus he had problems with growth in the loop.

Once again, OP is working in a home environment and should do what is good for people working in home environments, not a high-production-volume industrial facility.
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if you think that was childish you haven't been online long enough. you think you know what is right but I'm guessing you've never actually used it. i have and have had no issues, so have MANY people. and half of the premade stuff is some type of glycol mix.
You say I've not been online long enough, I say after 20 years I've been online plenty long and that maybe you should reacquaint yourself with the outside world.

As for other coolants being a glycol mix, sure, I never said you couldn't put glycol in a system. I said it's not a biocidal agent and won't function as one, which is a risk OP doesn't want to take.

All of the big watercooling companies make biocidal agents. Mayhems make Mayhems Extreme. Primochill make Liquid Utopia. EK don't make theirs available separately, but on their page it literally says:

"Do not add any biocides to EK-CryoFuel as the product already includes such additives! Failure to do so might result in dye and coolant breakdown."

Thermaltake's coolant doesn't mention any biocides, but if you read their product pages, you'll also see that they only advertise corrosion resistance, NOT resistance to growth in the system - despite the fact they clearly state 6% propylene glycol in their coolant.

Ultimately, all you're trying to do here is steer the argument away from a specific topic - You said use "antifreeze". Not ethylene glycol, not propylene glycol, antifreeze.

I said that's a bad idea because it won't prevent biological growth in a system if anything should be introduced to it.

In return, you mixed up your own arguments within the space of a single post, resorted to playground retorts, and managed to not read my post fully.

I then provided videos proving that what I said was true, and now here we are, with you trying to pull rank, insult, and distract, in order to win an argument you've lost through your own ineptitude.

We're done here. I've provided facts and you've provided bluster. If OP is any kind of intelligent, he's smart enough to read what's been said and come to his own conclusions.
right.... why are you so worked up? all i said was that's what's in them and you went on a tirade. i didn't insult and if you think i did that's your problem. i didn't pull "rank", lol nor distract. i answered the op's question and you attacked me. you think "you won" good for you. and now you are questioning the op's intelligence for no apparent reason....
All I can tell you is that Linus TechTips filled their whole room watercooling project with antifreeze and it did NOTHING to prevent biological growth in their system.

I'd much rather recommend proven solutions as used in custom watercooling, over solutions I've literally seen fail - perhaps the nature of a sealed unit filled in controlled conditions allows them the freedom to do other things. All I know is I've seen antifreeze fail to stop growth.
I actually watched that, I cringed at the copper tube...
sooo, i stepped into a cat fight... lol... wow, sorry... this is no big deal, ill just use motor oil..... no living thing
Actually it was made for me from a good friend of mine that passed away. He was in law school taking the bar exam and he messed up the answer with that phrase using the "overclock" instead of something else. It's something I've had for years to remember him by.