[H]orde Spotlight #11 - nitrobass24


[H]ard|DCer of the Month - March 2010/May 2011
Dec 12, 2005
Before I post my interview with nitrobass24, I need to apologize to him and everyone else. I meant to do this a month ago but real life interrupted big time. However, I am now pleased to present our latest spotlight interview with the infamous nitrobass24.

About You

Where do you call home?
Dallas, TX (Actually Dallas, not some suburb)
Just bought my first Home!

What is your family situation?
I am not married, I have had a G/F for 3 years.

What do you do for a living?
Well I just graduated from Baylor University with a BBA in Information Systems, and a minor in Accounting. I recently took a job with Weaver and Tidwell, and I do IT auditing.
One day I hope to run my own business.

Does your forum name hold any significant meaning?
Yea I came up with this nickname when I was in the 6th grade.
Nitro - Brand of boat that my family had
Bass - Favorite type of fishing
24 - Favorite NASCAR Driver (ed. note: I'm so sorry for you :p )

Did you ever post in the "Let's see your mug... " thread? Why or why not?
No, but I have browsed through it a few times.

What other hobbies or interests keep you busy?
Well from my nickname you probably think that Im just another redneck Texan but thats not the case. I dont ride a horse......Yes we have cars in Texas. But other than Fishing and NASCAR. I really like to travel, its my life goal to visit every single country on earth. I watch a lot of movies, I have around 400 stored on my WHS and it grows everyday. Cars, I am always doing something to my 2004 F-150. Currently I am in the process of designing a carputer with Internet so I can stream movies from my WHS when I am on the road. Maybe it can fold too! Guns, I love to go shooting. I am no marksman but I like destroy stuff.

Right handed or left handed and any military experience? (inside joke from the first couple spotlights)

Well if this is what I think it is....and im pretty sure it is.
Right handed.

No Military experience.

About your involvement in DC

Who or what got you stated in DC projects? About when was it?

You know i was just browsing [H] one day (early 2008?) and came across the Distributed Computing forum thinking that it was a forum about how to make all your computers work together as one. However, I quickly found out that was not the case and that it was about this F@H thing. So I started reading and I thought that it was cool and I started folding on my Laptop but I quickly found out that it made my already crappy laptop really slow, so I stopped.

Then around the first of this year I built an i7 rig and looked into folding again. From that point on it only got worse. I now have 3 rigs running, and im always trying to find a way to add more D.

Why do you participate?
At first I started just because I ran my computer 24/7 and thought that I would do it because its for a good cause. However my grandfather has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimers so its a little more personal now.

If DC'ing could find a cure for just one disease tomorrow, which one would it be and why?
Alzheimers - cause of grandfather

What projects have you contributed to? Any others you find interesting?
Mostly F@H but I have started to devote some resources to Docking@Home. D@H is similar to F@H but it uses the BOINC Framework which is really nice and it focuses on finding cures for HIV.

What teams have you contributed to?
Just the Almighty [H]orde!!!

Why did you choose the Horde?
Well the [H] is the only website that I check every day, so it only makes sense.
When I joined and first started folding I had no idea that there was a point system or that the [H]orde was #1.

If your current project ends, which one will you move on to?
If F@H ends I would focus on D@H and move my GPUs to GPUGrid.

Current level of production and how's it spread around?
Currently I am in the middle of a rampup, but I have 11x GPUs and SMP VM's

Where do you see the [H]ard DC sub-forum in the near future? Long term?
Lately its been really active and has been a lot of fun with some giveaways and contest, so I hope that continues. Long Term, I dunno ask me in a year .

Any ideas on improving the [H]ard DC sub-forum, or suggestions or improvements for our Team?
I would like to see the forum renamed. Distributed Computing while technically correct is a little misleading. Even I thought it was about something else. I would like to get a Sticky in the Video Card Section.

About your farm

What did you begin with?
Pentium D 920

What are you running today?
Workstation - i7 920, 2x GTX 295's
HTPC - AMD Athlon x4, GTX 295, 2x GTX 275's
WHS - Q6600, 3x GTX 275's

What plans do you have in moving forward? Where do you see your DC'ing activities in the next year or two?
I will prob upgrade to either all GTX295's or GT300s when the GT300's are released depending on price.
I would like to get 100k PPD and maintain that for at least one year.
Longer Term, I want mow down Tigerbiten.

Do these boxen have day jobs or are they dedicated folders?
They have excuses for existence.

How are these boxen configured? OS, client, etc?
Workstation - Win7 x64 4x GPU, 1x Native Linux VM -bigadv -smp 8 on VMplayer3.0
WHS - Server 2008 R2 w/ WHS Hyper-V VM - 3x GPU, 1x Native Linux VM -smp 4 on VMplayer3.0
HTPC - Win7 x86, 4x GPU, 1x Native Linux VM -smp 4 on VMplayer3.0

Have you been successful borging? If so, what kind of borging worked for you? (For example, friends, family, and/or work?)
No borgs, I dont want to be tech support and/or blamed when their computer messes up.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Did I forget to ask you anything?
I think that about covers it
The Interview said:
Right handed or left handed and any military experience? (inside joke from the first couple spotlights)

Well if this is what I think it is....and im pretty sure it is.
Right handed.

No Military experience.

In the very first spotlight, all the left handed ex-military types jumped in a to start a bad running gag (jfb9301, Kowan, Majic, raynman68, Xilikon's dad, and I, possibly more in there). :D

Great interview nitro, and great job conducting it Tobit. It's nice to see something I started live on.

And here's the original Spotlight Index. You'll probably want to start a new one that you control.
Nice write up. BTW, nice to know what the meaning is behind the name, very :cool:.
2 thumbs up bro :D.
That was a nice read...thanks to Nitro for the info and a big thanks to Tolbit for putting it all together. You guys are both invaluable resources and a huge asset to the team. ;)
Thanks for posting that Tobit and thanks for sharing nitrobass24. :)
Us lefties still love ya. :p
O I missed this

Tobit, I thought you had forgotten....lol