GTX 1660 TI Show Up On Russian Retailers


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Mar 3, 2018
One of our sources previously informed us that the Nvidia GeForce 1660 TI will launch on Feburary 15, and by the looks of things, Nvidia is indeed ramping up for a launch. TweakTown's AIB source "confirmed" that the "the GTX 1660 Ti is coming, and it isn't far away." Meanwhile, Videocardz managed to find some Russian retailers that are already listing the GTX 1660 TI, though the Russian prices are well above where the GTX 1660 TI was previously rumored to land.

MSI's and Palit's GeForce GTX 1660 Ti models have been listed by Russian retailers. The GTX 1660 Ti Storm X and Storm X OC are single-fan graphics cards, while Gaming Pro is a dual fan solution. We actually have pictures of both, but in very low quality.
just odd naming convention to be honest.. we have a 1080ti and now a 1660ti.. one would think the 1660ti > 1080ti.. but hey.. the world doesn't make sense most the time.. lets just fuck with the consumers...
Shows up in Russia first ... Makes sense considering where Metro Exodus was made