Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods Releases on March 27th

Discussion in 'HardForum Tech News' started by cageymaru, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. cageymaru

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    Apr 10, 2003
    Crate Entertainment has announced the March 27th launch date for Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods. The development team also announced that the expansion will have a $15.99 price tag. ARPG fans... Are you ready?

    Start your clocks, request those vacation days, because Grim Dawn's next expansion is coming March 27th for $15.99!
  2. horrorshow

    horrorshow [H]ardness Supreme

    Dec 14, 2007

    Only 16 bucks?? I'm shocked. (I was expecting $25 again or whatever)

    That's a lot of value considering the Shattered Realm stuff etc.

    Awesome and thanks for posting!
  3. jaericho

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    Feb 7, 2017
    I'm trying to squeeze in a lot of Factorio .17 before this drops.
  4. Chaos Machine

    Chaos Machine Gawd

    Apr 13, 2012
    It's about 2/3 the size of the last expansion, that's why it's cheaper.
  5. jonathonball

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    Sep 23, 2005
    It seems like a risky move to make an ARPG in 2019. Diablo 3 is still going strong on variety of platforms and there's a new Torchlight right around the corner.

    That being said; this has a nice clean look that I don't hate.
  6. readeh

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    Apr 1, 2013
    It's not like Grim Dawn is a new game.. It's nice with an expansion though.
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  7. DocNo

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    Apr 23, 2012
    Time to spin up some sick days...
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  8. viivo

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    Sep 7, 2005
    Sweet, it's been just enough time for my Grim Dawn burnout to subside. I'm ready to dive back into the repetition (and the godly class/skill progression system that should be the model for all games forever.)
  9. Miah

    Miah n00b

    Nov 21, 2013
    damn. i had no idea this was coming. That'll be a must buy for the wife & i.
  10. steakman1971

    steakman1971 2[H]4U

    Nov 22, 2005
    I've played a lot of Grim Dawn - it might be my favorite "Diablo-like" game since Diablo 2. I'll probably pick up this expansion (eventually)
  11. Nebell

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    Jul 20, 2015
    Diablo is my favorite franchise and I'm getting tired of Diablo 3. Every season is basically the same. They need to release more changes to the game, I'd even pay for a yearly expansion. I hope Diablo 4 gives more paid content. I prefer paid content over free because it's better quality.
    I have been really looking forward Torchlight Frontiers especially after playing 1 & 2 and loved both, but after watching the latest stream I got disappointed big time. The game looks like something from 2012... the graphics are quite below average, the combat uninspiring...
    Path of Exile is junk, lol. It has a cosmetics shop which is the main reason why every other armor in the game looks like shit. It also has characters that are so ugly (I get the gritty style, but come on), you just can't like them. Also, the major problem I have with PoE is that you can't just hold down the mouse button to attack one monster and then without releasing the button hover on to the next monster to attack it automatically, instead you just run around the monster, lol. It's been like that for years, last time I checked some 5 or so months ago, don't know if it's changed, but probably not. Not sure who thought that was a smart idea.
    There's also a game called Shadows: Awakening. It's interesting, very much ARPG with a lot of loot and combat, but since you play with like.... 5000000 characters, you get lost in all the loot for different characters. Also, I haven't finished it so I can't judge the replay value.

    Grim Dawn is the closest we get to Diablo, but the style and the visuals don't impress me either. I prefer Diablo graphics over it. But the new expansion seems to add some really cool looking armor/weapons, so I'm getting it.
    I think this is a great time to release isometric ARPG. We're getting quasi-ARPGs in form of Destiny, Division and Anthem. We need a real ARPG game. Diablo 4 is probably not coming out until at least 2021. I'm looking forward to that Warhammer ARPG game. It looks interesting.
  12. RMCO

    RMCO n00b

    Jul 27, 2011
    Not even a month after the latest PoE update though.... I'll still be balls deep in it when this comes out.