Great Idea: Why hasn't this happened yet?

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Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 16, 2002
So I got pulled over for an overdue registration today (which BTW was due to the DMV giving me the wrong sticker for my plate and I got let go), but why are there not smart chips in drivers license's?

Think about it, a drivers license could have a chip that encode and via RFID keeps up with current insurrance, title, and registration data as well as the regular DMV stuff. It would mean less cards to carry and an easier time for those who get pulled over for minor traffic violations.
Sounds like a fine idea, except if it's stolen. Thieves will have instant access, and exactly which department will be behind it all? Sounds like you'll have to introduce a third party to centralize all the data.

Once it's stolen, all they have to do is crack it and download the information. You won't be able to notify whoever necessary to deactivate or somehow have the chip refuse to offer information.

Plus you know cops will still take forever in coming back to your car and letting you drive away.
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