Google's Game Streaming Console Controller Potentially Revealed


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Aug 20, 2006
Google won’t be officially announcing its new game streaming service until next week’s Game Developers Conference, but Twitter user Reps has gone ahead and provided an early look at the "Yeti" console’s controller. Many believe these are merely renders based off a patent uncovered over the weekend, but they do give an idea of what the final product could look like.

The patent indicates that the controller provides for a “seamless activation of a game of other application on a host device” and that a “game may be launched on the host device in a response to an activation signal that is dispatched from the game controller.” The game controller itself has a built-in notification system that can notify a player of various game-related responses (i.e. chat notification, leaderboard changes, etc.).
It's they wanted to copy Sony, but decided to implement the worst of Nintendo's designs. Holy that thing looks awful.
How long before they abandon this project ?

What is their going average on shit they come up with them quit on ?
Cheaper and less comfortable? How do you figure that? Not possible to know from the render.

A couple of things. I've used a couple cheap third party controllers that looked like this one, and they all were super uncomfortable. For one thing, near 90 degree angles don't make for a comfortable grip. Look at both the Ps4 and Xbox controllers and you'll see a bit more of an angle on the grips. The biggest thing for me, though, is the size of the grips. I have somewhat large hands (not abnormal, but above average). Those grips are short, compared to the rest of the body. This leads me to conculde that either A.) the controller will be so massive as to be completely unwieldy and make travel times between buttons too long or B.) the grips will be so short that I can't fit my pinky and half of my ring finger on it, which will cause my hands to start cramping after like 20 minutes of use.
As a pad aficionado, that doesn't look very comfortable to me. Either it's really large and wide or the buttons are really small. I also favor a layout with the left analog stick and d-pad being swapped. Far more games use an analog stick than a d-pad.
Hopefully those R2 and L2 buttons are analog triggers. Impossible to tell from this render, but Nintendo didn't bother.
Kind of reminds me of the very first xbox controller