Good Headset?

I have the HD2100 from Corsair, the headset is good value for the $99 I paid. BUT...

I have serious problems with the signal dropping. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing it?
If it's still in warranty, I'd say that's a good question to ask Corsair. Beyond that, since it's a wireless model, interference, range/walls, and possibly defective components come to mind. What happens if you hook up the USB cable and use it in 'wired mode'?
since its wireless it could be a lot of things.... microwave, telephone, other wireless devices, neighbors, to much metal, marble in a way
I haven't read all the pages yet but I prefer not to have headsets like a lot of people do where the sounds of the game come through the same headsets as the voice audio. I prefer to have only talking audio come through a one eared ear piece. I have 7.1 surround for a reason.
I got a bluetooth headset with an adapter and it works wonderfully.
I think I will go with HyperX...

I have them. They have very good midrange and decent highs and depending on the rubber or cloth earmuffs, good bass. I have them paired up with the cheap Asus Xonar DG soundcard with the headphone amp and they sound awesome. Even without it they sound pretty good but the amp definitely is a boost. My only issue with them is the the little volume control box hangs a bit low after being plugged in but it's not a big deal. Awesome headset for the price.
In my honest opinion...the best headseat I have ever owned (at least for gaming) is the roccat true 5.1 XTD digital. Love that thing, can plug my z5500 into the control pod for easy switching and it gives me voice morph built into the driver and lots of customization :).

Not to mention the bluetooth headset sync which when you receive a phone call it and you click the pod to answer it mutes the pc and lets you focus on the call...this works both can make calls with your pc headset. Which is awesome for pranking my mrs. with the demon morph lol.
Roccat also went the extra mile and added in a vibration unit as all those small drivers, while able to play bass, don't exactly shake your ears/head...the vibration unit takes care of that.