Good 2D PC Game "Database" :)

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Added Monster Boy in the Cursed Kingdom.

Also, there was a question on the last page about EA. That's Steam's Early Access. I don't get many games in EA, but the few I have (like Dead Cells and Cross Code were excellent). I just thought it was worth noting it, then updating when the game made it out of EA.
Do puzzle games and point-and-click count? If so, I have two from each:

World of Goo
- Side-View - Physics Puzzle - Available - *****
-Hooked me in a immediately and didn't let go until the ending credits. Interesting dark-humour throughout and gets very interesting/epic near the end. Never too frustrating puzzles but gets gradually more difficult while introducing new gameplay mechanics to keep it fresh. Awesome soundtrack.

Machinarium - Side-View - Point-And-Click Adventure - Available - ****
-One of the better point-and-click adventures. No text boxes/novels, just cute short cutscenes to motivate you through the quirky landscape and simple rescue story.
Puzzle games are great! I have a few of those that I should pop in as well, and also some other oddball ones like Little Inferno. I loved Machinarium. I think I've got it in my list up top as well. World of Goo is also great. It kind of brought me back to games like The Incredible Machine etc. I'll add some more things soon. I'm on a bit of a Wonderboy and clones kick at the moment it seems. :D
I just added Chasm. I bought it casually the other day. I had been putting it off for a while as I had other things to play. Plus the reviews are so-so. However, it nearly immediate pulled me in after a quick false-start, and I haven't stopped playing it since. I think I'm about to 100% it maybe tonight. I'm also still planning to add in some puzzle games as mentioned above.
Katana Zero was just released. I'll get it added once I play it a bit more. So far I'm REALLY liking it. I know it seems like I just love every game I post, and it's kind of true. I'm also good at picking games that I'm going to like. :D Anyway, Katana Zero has flawless controls, and a really cool pseudo-time manipulation mechanic. It's not really a time manipulation game, but the mechanic sort of works that way. Basically, you get your mission. When you walk into the building, you use your precognition skill, which basically gives you the ability to try things out as many times as you need to before committing to an outcome. So you run in, slash two guards, throw a flower pot to distract another guy, while you kill another one, shut off some lasers, and then go finish off the guy you distracted. It's all in beautifully animated Cyberpunk street-samurai glory. The story is cool and interesting too. There are tons of nice little details and flourishes that give the environment a living quality. There's also a bit of humor, and a really interesting conversation system. It blends action, strategy, and adventure styles all seamlessly without feeling too heavy on any one style. I know I'm going to have a blast with the rest of the game.

Side note: I've gotten on a new shoot em up kick, and have been playing a lot of horizontal scrollers lately. I'll add some of them to the list soon, as it's lacking quite a bit in this area.
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