Glossy 120hz X-Star DP2710 & BenQ BL2710PT

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Jan 9, 2010
I accept paypal, PM if interested, no low-balling. I live in Canada, prices are in US $ and I ship to the States. Heatware. Prices include shipping & Pay Pal fees. No trades.

Glossy X-Star DP2710: SOLD

Front View & next to modded Matte Qnix

This is a true glossy, X-Star DP2710 (purchased March, 2014) which overclocks to 120hz w/o artifacts (with specific timings and my own DL-DVI cable, not the included, stock cable which I haven't tried. Buy your own, decent dl-dvi cable since the included ones can be problematic once overclocked). It does not have any back-light bleeding (back-light pictures) or pixel issues. It looks much better once calibrated with dispcalGUI (will link to my ICC profile) since the glossy Qnix/X-Star's (they are the same, I have tested both) preset gamma is skewed. Once calibrated it can cover 97% of the sRGB color space and it does not use LED PWM Dimming.

Contrast ratio is around 850:1 and it has good screen uniformity even when overclocked to 120hz. The stand can be pulled out and pushed in to the monitor while some of the monitors which use the same casing have to be taken apart to remove the stand.

BenQ BL2710PT: 475$ OBO

Tired of returning monitors and/or want to avoid playing the exchange game and get better colors? Buy my light bleeding free, calibrated BenQ BL2710PT (Refer to my review for all relevant information including pictures of the back-light) which also has good color uniformity. All of the original cables and original bill for the 3 year (26 months left) warranty will be included. It has 1 dead pixel in the top center right.
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