Gigabyte H110-d3a not seeing 6th gpu


Aug 4, 2018
i recently got a gigabyte h110-d3a with a dual core celly and 4gb ddr4 for almost nothing

Long story short, I’m having all sorts of trouble getting the sixth GPU to show up in windows, it doesn’t even show up in device manager. I know that the GPU works because I have tested it in another computer and it shows up just fine. The first for GPUS and the motherboard are on an Antec Trupower 750 gold PSU, the ssd and the last 2 GPUs are on an older EVGA nex 750 bronze PSU

The 2nd psu is keyed on using a 12 volt relay.

The cards are a mix of rx 470/570/480/580 cards

All are using 1x to 16x powered risers (the type that uses a usb cable and 6 pin PCIe power for the riser boards.

The sixth card lights up in the fan spin, but by the time it gets in to windows it’s like it’s not even there.

Something to note: I did install the first five cards first. Then a day later I found the extra RX 580 on the shelf and installed it after the fact. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Also I may be running some older block chain drivers possibly in the 16 range? I think currently drivers are in the 17 range if I recall