getting more than 200fsb


Nov 25, 2003
ok, i have gotten my 2500 to 2.3 on air using a thermalright 900u and a 80mm antec case fan(2500 rpm) on timmings 11.5x200. i would liek to get it atleast 2.4, my temps are idle 38C and 42C load. here is what i have tried

putting vcore to max (1.825) its posts, no boot

i am unsure of what else to try as i am kind off new at this, my rams vcore is a 2.6 i beleave and its timmings are 2-3-2-6 off twinx, i have heard this might help if i increased this . plz shoot me some input here, thx guys
DFI Infinity and Lanparty are known to hit 240+ on the fsb.
good ram will also help.
Relax the timings to 2.0-2-2-11and up the voltage to 2.7. Lower the CPU voltage to 1.75