Generic non-pnp monitor


Limp Gawd
Jul 15, 2004
About half the time when I reboot my computer, or when the monitor has been off for a while, Windows 8.1 apparently loses the monitor, and sees it as a "generic non-pnp monitor". (It's a Vizio 42" hdtv which I'm using as a monitor)

This means the display is set to 1024x768, and I can't set it to 1920x1080 where I want it.

To get Windows to find it again, I have to go into the screen resolution menu and then have windows Detect the monitor, over and over again until it finally finds it, which might take 5 minutes.

Is there any way to force windows to see this thing as a pnp monitor? The general advice would be to install the latest drivers, but I'm sure there are no drivers for this television.