GeForce2 MX400/FX 5700


Limp Gawd
Jan 23, 2004
I had a Gainward 32mb GeForce 2 MX 400 that I ran at a severe O'C for over a year(200/185) over the stock setting of 175/166. I've had the card since it came out, and for the past few years I have desperately wanted/needed an upgrade. Well now I have one. I recently bought the 256mb Gainward FX5700 fron PcClub and it's rock solid, even at the built-in overclock setting. This is not an endorsement of any sort, but having AquaMark 3D go from 3.2fps up to 240fps with the new card. The upgrade was definately worth it! And this is from someone who reads all the latest tech articles, and has yet to see his systems parts ever reviewed. I have an Athlon XP2700, Thermaltake Volcano 7+ HSF, 512mb PC2700 ram and now an FX5700 card. 7's seem to run in my system for some reason???

I plan to in the near future O'C my system from 2.2Ghz to 2.6Ghz. Under XP Pro, is anything faster really necessary??? Because from what I understand, XP is more ram dependent the way Linux and the Mac O/S are. But this could just be an urban legend.

AS for O'C utils, I use NVHardPage and CoolBits. You really don't need anything else, and they're rock stable!

My card is currently at the built-in "Performance 3D" overclock setting of 425-gpu/550-vram, normal "standard 2D" setting is 300/550.

You're thoughts?
"having AquaMark 3D go from 3.2fps up to 240fps with the new card."

uhhh at what part? you're not too specific there
It was during the first test when the vehicle, what I assume is some sort of shuttle craft, rises up and flies over an alien looking base or compound of some sort.

But now that I look at the results either my old GeForce 2 was really that crappy, or my new card is really that good.
Your old card was really that crappy. (MX series is pretty craptacular) I'm upgrading my motherboard this week and going from S3 32MB onboard video to Geforce 4 MX 128MB onboard video. It's still gonna suck but it'll kick ass comparatively. Once I get enough money saved up I'm gonna buy a new video card and processor and RAM.
How do the FX 5200s compare to the latest MX cards? (thinking of getting one for my dad)
fx5200 arent to good. Maybe you should look at a ti4200 they seem to be ok for now
I was actually looking at getting a Ti4800 because on the GeForce 4's the vertex shaders are hardware based, and on the FX's it's software based, so if your systray crashes, you lose some of your vid abilities. I just basically said screw it and went with the faster FX, even though they're not that much faster than if I O'C'd a Ti4800. Plus the fact that it has 256mb instead of the 64 on the Ti4800.