Geforce 6800 gt problems


Apr 29, 2002
heres a weird one for you guys. i just got a pny 6800 gt 256mb agp and put it in my aopen ax4c max board and it didnt boot. at first i thought the card was broken so i was getting ready to send it back. before i did tho i decided to test it on my other computer and it actually worked. now my ax4c max runs both an fx 5900 and ti4600 fine so i think the agp slot is okay. am i missing something?
Did you plug the power cable into the back of the card?

Do you have at least 380-400W Power supply?
I'm gonna shoot the first person who says,"LOL, why don't you send it to me, LOL?" in the face with a supersoaker full of cat urine.

I'm sure this is redundant, but the seating's all good, right? are you runnin the same drivers on both machines you tried the new card on?
Didn't boot meaning no signal on the monitor, or it cant get into windows? If it just doesnt startup and give a signal, I'd look at whether or not your 475W is a good one or whether or not you gave it a dedicated power plug, not a shared one. The quality requirements for power supplies are pretty lax unfortunately and Ive seen quality 300W beat out cheap 420W.