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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dermen, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Dermen

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    Oct 10, 2017
    So I need to do a complete build for a friend, including monitor, keyboard, wifi. I have a spare 1TB HDD I'm giving him for a secondary drive. This will not be overclocked at all.

    Budget is $1200 (would like to stay closer to $1100) and I only have a few things picked out so far.

    Seasonic G550 PSU - $45
    Phanteks Eclipse P400s - $59.99
    Gigabyte AB350-Gaming3 - $65.74
    eVGA GTX1060 6GB - $236.49

    Still shopping for:
    1600x ~$230
    16GB DDR4 ~$150
    Keyboard ~$50
    AC Wifi ~35
    500GB SSD ~140
    27" 1080p Monitor ~$110 (staples black friday)
    CM 212 ~20

    That puts my total around $1142.

    I have a couple things I keep going back and forth on.

    1. Freesync. Getting a 1080p monitor, most come with freesync. GTX1060 6GB is a little cheaper than an RX580, but is it worth the extra to get freesync. The monitor will be 75hz so I'm not sure how much freesync matters at lower refresh rates. (I have never used a freesync/gsync monitor).

    2. I'm pretty sure it will be a Ryzen 1600 or maybe 1600x build. I would consider Intel if the new chips weren't over MSRP. I think the only way I could get Intel in the budget is to get an i3-8350k and it would still be pushing it. I wish I knew about this build last week I could have picked up a combo and Microcenter when I was in Ohio.

    3. I might be able to get a 1070 or Vega 56 but I would have to skimp on pretty much everything else. 2400mhz ram, really cheap motherboard, cheaper PSU, smaller SSD, etc. I've always got mid/high range stuff for myself so I'm not really sure about doing a build with bottom tier stuff to get a better graphics card.
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  2. tiraides

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    I have a few questions myself:

    1) What does your friend want to use his computer for? Some of our recommendations would make better sense depending on, for example, whether he's pursuing a gaming rig or one that's more suited for video editing. (If he wants "something that could do everything," what will he spend the most time using it for?)

    2) Why does he want a 27 inch 1920x1080 monitor? (As an aside, FreeSync monitors are designed for AMD video cards whereas G-Sync monitors are designed for NVIDIA cards.)

    3) Where will you buy the parts from? Could you make another trip to Micro Center (easily)?
  3. Dermen

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    Oct 10, 2017
    Sorry thought I mentioned it was for gaming and regular stuff like browsing the net, Word, Excel.

    His brother has a 27" 1080p monitor and he likes it, wants something similar. I don't think a 1060 or 580 does well enough at 1440p to recommend that.

    The parts will come from Newegg, Amazon, or another online store. We are both in Florida, no Micro Center anywhere close.