G700 compatible with mac?


Oct 4, 2010
Just wondering if this mouse works at all for mac. Still deciding what new mouse is to come to my doorstep and this looks like a viable candidate...if it will work with my mbp and wow.
Based on Logitech's site it doesn't appear that there is a version of the software for OS X, but I'm sure it would work fine with the built-in generic HID drivers. You just wouldn't have access to all the fancy features.
All settings are stored on the mouse. You can set it up in Windows, customize your buttons to your liking and then it will work just fine on your Mac, including the different profiles you may set up.

Three caveats:
  1. if you program buttons to use modifier keys, you may have to creatively remap them via the "Modifier Keys" button in the keyboard Preferences (G700 shows up as its own USB keyboard, so it won't affect your regular keyboard)
  2. Logitech advises against trying to change from the default polling rate options. I haven't tried this, and am not sure what polling rate is used by OSX by default. (don't confuse polling rate with DPI -- you can set DPI as you see fit)
  3. There is no application awareness capability to automatically change profiles / button behavior.
Alright thanks. Seems I could certainly set it up in windows, but we shall see. Still deciding. =) Thanks for the info tho. I saw there were no drivers on the logitech site but I didn't know if there were any mac users with this mouse yet.