Future Case Fans and Airflow


Limp Gawd
Aug 23, 2006
Currently case fans report as taking in cold air from outside the case and push out existing hot air. This works good for most locations yet I live in Arizona and LAN parties sometimes take place in houses with only a swamp cooler, needless to say case fans move out the very hot air and replace it with very warm air... not very effective.

Water cooling is not an option I wish to consider... long long story for a thread far far away.

I searched the internet yet couldn't find any case fans which generate cool dry air. I know some air purifiers produce clean cool dry air... thus it's begging for a future with PC cases. Unfortunately I haven't found any manufacturers of air purifiers which have created one for PC computers AND haven't found any manufacturers of cases which have provided better airflow circulation beyond these basic fans.

A) Has anyone found an air purifier or something similar for PC cases?

B) Has anyone on the hard forums tried to provide their PC case with cool/dry airflow with something beyond the basic fans?

**EDIT: I found Super Talent Room Air Purifier / CA-AIRPUFR : Fits into standard 5.25? computer bay. **
~No reviews, yet at least its a start. Not sure if this would even be effective at moving PC airflow. Anyone know of other types?


Feb 11, 2007
an air purifier wont do anything.

you can look at getting case chiller type things, they are pretty rare, as big as a PSU (if not bigger) but are basically air conditioning for computers.

but like you said, your best bet is water, good rads, and good fans

if you cant afford that, get the high CFM (and low Dbs if you want) fans, not the crappy ones that came with your computer


Limp Gawd
Mar 26, 2003
You're not going to get cool, dry air without an air conditioning system (condenser, evaporator, etc...). Air purifiers do not cool and dry the air going through them. They just attract dust with electrostatically charged elements. This does nothing for air temp/humidity.