FS: Z97 combo/parts


Nov 27, 2011
Hello All,

Up for sale are parts from a spare rig I have been using on & off over the last 3 years, which has now been replaced with a new current-gen machine, so this stuff has to go…

Pics are here:


Everything was used in a smoke-free, pet-free home, and will be shipped to PAYPAL confirmed addresses in the lower 48 via USPS Priority Mail included.

ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, and I will make better deals if you buy more than 1 item, just pm me & we’ll work something out. I used current prices on pcpartspicker.com, Newegg & da ‘Zon as my guide

1. I7-4770k- SOLD
2. Z97X-SLI ATX mobo SOLD

3. 2 sets of DDR3-1600 Ram, total of 16GB, both sets were ran together in the above mobo with no problems whatsoever, and they were never overclocked. Buy both sets for $50.00

a. Set 1: ADATA XPG w/Blue Heat spreaders 4GB x 2. PRICE $30.00
b. Set 2: Corsair Vengance LP Black 4GB x 2: PRICE $30.00

4. Enermax 120mm AIO Liquid cooler with the stock fan. Always kept the 4770k running cool. PRICE: $17.00

5. Corsair RX600 80plus Bronze-rated Semi-modular PSU. Always stable and never any problems whatsoever. Will come with the original cables as shown in the pic, but if you need other cables, let me know as I have some left over from other builds. PRICE: $20.00

6. Asus PCIe AC-1200 +Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Card, model #PCE-AC558T: I used this card to connect to my wireless printers throughout the house, as well as several Bluetooth audio devices. Fits in any 1x or higher pci slot, and will include the antenna base & power cable. PRICE: $10.00

7. Rosewill 200mm Case fans. 2 black & 1 frost/white. Provides a ton of airflow for any case big enough to support them. These have 3-pin + Molex connectors, in case you run out of fan headers. PRICE: All 3 for $23.00, 2 for $18.00, or $10.00 each.

8. Samsung 24x SATA DVD writer, model #SH-224, and an LG of similar specs. SOLD

9. Monoprice 30ft. Super High-speed Heavy duty HDMI Cables. Both are brand new, 1 was opened to look at, the other was not. PRICE: $30.00 for both, or $17.00 for one.

Thanks for looking, I hope someone can make good use of these parts :)
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