FS: XFX Radeon HD 6950 / C2D Mobile miniITX Board / mATX Case / Wireless Keyboard

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Mar 4, 2004
Shipping is via FedEx Home Delivery within the US. All items are working and sold as is. I am located in Chico, CA and accept Amazon Payments and MOs. No PayPal.
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DSL Modem
$15 shipped - 2Wire 2700HG-B - Comes with power supply and ethernet cable. Has some scratches.

$15 shipped - IBM Mini Wireless (RF) Keyboard w/built-in joystick mouse - The infrared cord has been severed and needs to be soldered back together. I tried to do this, but could not get it to work. It was working before this. I don't have the time or desire to redo the soldering so I am selling this as is. This keyboard was the only mini wireless keyboards I have used that was actually functional. Receiver worked completely covered under the back seat of my car. Uses 2 PS/2 ports.

(SOLD to dukes) $40 shipped - Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T7500 (4M Cache, 2.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 35w, Socket P) - Never overclocked. Great for carPC or storage server.
(SOLD to dukes) $20 shipped - Black Ice Pro Compact High Performance Radiator & Yate Loon 120x20mm Medium Speed Thin Silent Case Fan - D12SM-12C - Sleeved & 2 x Koolance Swiveling Angle Fitting (Low Profile) & 5 1/4" Bay 3 Fan Cooler & 2 x Bitspower True Silver 7/16" fittings - Combo designed to fit in the top 5 1/4 bay of my MicroFly case. Needs about 5mm of clearance above it to fit in a standard 5 1/4" bay. Yate Loon fan has been cut at both ends to allow the air to be pulled from front to back.
(SOLD to aZn_plyR) $30 shipped - Sansa Fuze 8GB (black) & awesome Neoprene arm band - Have been able to take snowboarding with ~waterproof case. Used, works great, no scratches. Includes Sony earbuds. Amazon.com: USB Data Cable for SanDisk Sansa Fuze Series MP3 Player - non OEM: Electronics not included.
(SOLD to somename) $20 shipped - Black Ice Micro Dual 80mm Radiator + Amazon.com: Antec TriCool 80mm DBB Case Fan with 3-Spd Switch 3/4-Pin & 3-Pin Monitoring: Electronics - Used. Equivalent to a single 120mm radiator and perfect for adding extra cooling in cramped cases. Includes Antec three way adjustable fans and fat boy fittings.
(SOLD to 901-Memphis) $20 shipped - Corsair TWIN2X1024-8500 2x512MB PC8500 DDR2 RAM (CL5-5-5-15) - Used and come in blister pack. Ideal for socket P systems that need higher speed RAM to maximize hibernation times. Should also be real easy on the memory controller for benching.
(SOLD to ShrimpBrime) $100 shipped - Big Box 'o video cards - Well over $200 worth of gear here, based on the lowest price on eBay, if sold individually. Most perfect for getting HWBot points on uncommon hardware... Will not respond to requests asking me to part/sell individually. Working status is indicated in brackets. "2D/3D" means it is working in Windows and Quake 3.

  1. GeForce4 MX 4000 128MB DDR [275|200] 64-bit PCI (2D/3D)
  2. GeForce FX 5500 OC 256MB DDR [290|XXX] 128-bit PCI (2D/3D)
  3. GeForce PCX 5300 128MB PCI-E (*See below)
  4. GeForce PCX 5750 256MB DDR [425|500] 128-bit PCI-E (*See below)
  5. GeForce PCX 5900 128MB DDR [350|550] 256-bit PCI-E (*See below)
  6. GeForce PCX 5900 128MB DDR [375|700] 256-bit PCI-E (*See below)
  7. GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 [459|532] 128-bit PCI-E (2D/3D)
  8. GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 [567|400] 64-bit PCI-E (2D/3D)
  9. Radeon HD 2350 (DOA) Also missing a clip for the heatsink
  10. Radeon X1050 256MB DDR [400|500] 128-bit (2D/3D)
  11. Danger Den GPU-1500 Maze 5 Waterblock - One of the mounting positions has a stripped screw. I forget which one.
  12. 2 x 8 Enzotech Copper Memory Sinks
  13. Vantech 92mm Tornado with badly soldered molex adapter
  14. Various adapters, drivers & software
*All of these cards use an AGP -> PCI-E bridge. Windows loads, but I get a black screen with blinking cursor on driver install. Every one with a DVI port also gives a fuzzy screen in XP. Tried many drivers. All of these were bought individually from eBay and sold to me working. Seems like a motherboard incompatibility problem.
(SOLD to Mordaki) $30 shipped - Thermochill PA120.1 Radiator with G3/8 -> G1/4 Chrome adapters - Basically the best single 120mm rad you can buy. Some fins have been bent and bent back and cosmetically it looks battle worn (see below), but you can repair this easily with $5 in DupliColor Gloss spraypaint. Included G3/8 -> G1/4 adapters allow you to use any fittings you want.
(SOLD to Mordaki) $30 shipped - HW Labs Black Ice GTX M184 - Dual 92 millimeter Radiator & 2 x Arctic Cooling AF Fan 9225 92mm Sleeved Case Fans
(SOLD to jwigeland) $80 shipped - E-MU 1212M PCI Sound Card - 120dB SNR - 3rd highest SNR available. Primarily used for professional applications, but puts out crystal clear audio. Comes with manual, driver and software. I/O panel was bent back into shape on the 1010PCI daughter card, but otherwise works fine. No plugs on the optical ports, not that they are needed.
(SOLD on Amazon) $85 shipped - OCZ Agility 2 60GB - New drive from RMA. 1 year warranty for users with 25+ all positive Heatware or 10+ iTrader feedback. You pay shipping for all warranty issues.
$120 shipped (SOLD to Bi_Polarized)
  • (3) Wii Remote Controllers
  • (2) Nunchuk controllers
  • (1) iConcepts Game Fury Wii-120 Controller (Gamecube games only)
  • Infrared Sensor Bar
  • Power Brick
  • EDTV Component Cable
  • RCA Audio Cables
  • Stand
Games included:
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  • Red Steel
  • Wii Sports
  • Wii Play
The console itself has a minor dented front and back corner from when I fumbled it. Otherwise everything looks great and works great.
$28 shipped (SOLD to DigitalCancer) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Includes full manual, case, game
$210 shipped (SOLD to Evi1d33d) - XFX Radeon HD 6950 1GB GDDR5 - Less than 2 weeks old. Works great! Comes with S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat & DIRT3* *(see link for requirements)
$100 shipped (SOLD to t3chgeek) - MSI GME965 Core 2 Duo Mobile Mini-ITX Motherboard (Socket P) - A.K.A. MS-9803 Fuzzy.
  • Retails for $235.
  • Accepts much faster CPUs than Pentium 4, Atom & Via boards and beats them in both boot times and capability. This means less wait to listen to your music and play Blu-Rays and Flash with no problems.
  • Uses any of these 800MHz / 667MHz FSB socket P CPUs, which use up to 74% less power than desktop CPUs so that they will not drain your battery! 2GHz+ cheap CPUs available on eBay.
  • Also includes: s479 Dynatron I65G heatsink + fan, reverse PCI-riser and 512MB of Corsair PC5400 (DDR2 675Mhz, 4-4-4-12). RAM works with 800MHz FSB chips and is the ideal amount for hibernation. Less=faster.
$40 shipped (SOLD to piscian18) - Microfly Clone MicroATX Case - This is a rare, long discontinued Microfly-clone with a black fascia. Dimensions are 11.25" W x 9.5" H x 15.5" D. Case has been heavily modified to support watercooling or extreme aircooling. The closest case to this that is still available is the X-Qpack 2, which runs $120 shipped, is over 3/4" shorter, making it more difficult to support large PSUs. Get this case pre-modded with over $50 in additions, ready to go for extreme cooling.

Here is what it can look like:

More pics: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1546441

Modifications include:
-Removal of 120mm honeycomb grill for increased airflow
-Holes drilled in base for 2 x 92mm fans or dual 92mm radiator
-7/8" billet aluminum case feet added to improve clearance/airflow for 92mm fans
-Removal of portion of middle strut for improved exhaust airflow of PSU
-Removal of half of right strut to allow clearance of extreme aircoolers and waterblocks
-Removal of portion of interior right panel to allow 120mm radiator
-Antec SmartCool 120mm temperature controlled fan
-Plexi panels replaced with clearer, scratch-resistant Lexan
-Hard drive support drilled to allow reverse installation/hidden cords
-Egg crate foam installed in front to greatly reduce sound
-Removed honeycomb above rear I/O and replaced with Lexan to redirect airflow
-Aluminum thumbscrews installed

Damage includes:
-Separated right-rear aluminum corner. Has been repaired with great, googly gobs of JB-Weld steel epoxy. Side panels also hold the case together.
-Randomly functioning LED temp sensor on front of case. Always lights up, but does not always display temperature. Common problem to all the Microfly/X-Qpack cases.
-Some moderate scratching on right side window. Replacements can be found at Home Depot for a few dollars. Only require drilling.
-Missing a couple silver snap "rivets". Can be bought for a few dollars.
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