FS - Viewsonic VX2025wm 20.1" Widescreen

no one needs a great 20.1inch widescreen?

price is negotiable. comeone guys
I dont get it this was a killer monitor, huge 40 pages threads on it, and no interest.

Like i said price is negotiable. I rather sell it then keep it so make me some darn offers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not looking for any trades. Really dont need more toys. I completly downgraded from a major gaming desktop to a laptop.
how used is it?

Like I posted in the first page. I bought this toward the end of my summer break. I bought it after i got a Dell 20.1" in the office. At first i wanted to get that, but after using the Dell I bought the Viewsonic that got much better reviews.

I used it daily, maybe about 3-4 hours a day, the rest of the time it was either on screensaver or went to powersave mode. I stopped using it around December 19ish. This is when i went home for my Winter break. When i came back in january i went ahead and ordered a new laptop. The monitor has been unplugged since then.

Its in great shape. No dead pixels or screen problems.
Bump for a great monitor that I own :)

I don't think there's a Newegg link for it because it's been superceded by the VX2035WM
Bump. I changed price to 250 + shipping. I am entertaining all offers. Looking for a quick sale.

Bumb again, 250 shipped.

Why doesn't anyone want a good monitor. Like I said im entertaining offers. I WANT THIS SOLD.
This is a low blow, but I have $150. And since this particular style is discontinued, it musta depreciated jj :D

If not, up up up!

crap, i didnt see the date when i searched :(
actually, they depreciated it, raised the price on its replacement, and used inferior parts. i love my monitor hehe. Mine has some dust behind the screen or something
guess i should have marked this as sold.

after being lowballed day after day 2 months ago i sold it locally for 180 bucks.

guys who are still looking, just get the new model i thinmk it was teh 2035, was like 230 after rebate 2 months ago.