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Jun 11, 2005
I have two cases and water cooling parts. I just want them gone.

Thermaltake Armor: Its an older case and I have most all of the parts. A well-built full-tower case that will take pretty much any equipment you throw at it. The window has been replaced. Comes with every accessory I could find to just get it out of the house. Comes in original box.

Silverstone LC17. One of the most beautifully simple HTPC cases. All aluminum front bezel. Very heavy and well-built case.

Lots of water cooling accessories. Thermaltake single 120mm radiator. Danger Den 360mm radiator. Danger Den cpu and northbridge blocks. The copper is tarnished but can be easily restored with some polish and/or ketchup (no really). Hose clamps (plastic and metal), and various other bits and bobs.

Take it all away for $50 or make me an offer.

Not willing to ship anything but if you are local... come get this stuff. Two cases and WC gear for $50 in Frederick MD.
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Just FYI I'm not so sure posts in this format are allowed nor is linking to a CL add. I could be wrong but you may want to check into that before the mods hop on ya. ;)
Thank you... been awhile since I've sold something here... thanks for the reminder of the etiquette.
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