FS : NIB Plantronics Rig Flex LX Headphones for Xbox One ( PC, Etc) $30 shipped

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Nov 7, 2005
HI all,

I got these on a combo deal, and not only do I not need another pair of headphones, I don't have an Xbox One. So these are for sale, NIB (new in box).

$50 on Amazon currently.


I'll take $30 shipped to lower 48 USA.

These are wired but plug into your wireless Xbox controller. Dual volume wheel control module thingy. So not exactly "wireless" but kinda.

Let me know if any questions!

Edit - I just read the description a bit more on Amazon, and they also sell just the headset for $30. It apparently works with PC, laptops, phones etc too, using dual 3.5mm connectors. Well, not iPhones, because of "courage", but most devices with 3.5mm jacks. The control pod clearly has separate headphone and mic plugs. So should work on a PC with dual jacks fine.

Heatware is "Burticus"
Payment via Paypal



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Friday night is a night for gaming! TTT!

I'm going to give this a few more days then this is going on ebay.
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