FS: Newegg Credit


Oct 23, 2009
For Sale

1) Bump more Newegg credit if anyone is interested @ 95%. Up to $1400

Feel free to PM me with any questions or post them on here.

SOLD Items!
Caselabs S8 Custom Loop Package (black in great condition) - SOLD on H to a Bro
X99 Bundle - SOLD on H
EVGA 1200 P2 - $old Elsewhere
EVGA P2 Cable Mod Set (Green) - $0ld elsewhere
6800K CPU/Mobo Bundle (Like New under 2 months old for all parts) - $OLD elsewhere
New Open Box Asus GTX 1080 FE - $OLD Locally
BNIB Fresh from RMA SIlverstone SFX600 with oroginal box and cables - $OLD shipped

Corsair H80i -SOLD
I5 2500k - $OLD
ASUS PG279Q - $OLD TO CompuG##K
Main Rig for Sale (Excluding a hard drive) - $OLD Somewhere else
EVGA GTX 980 TI Hybrid (actual hybrid model) - $OLD Elsewhere
Basically brand new ML08B - $old to Jrobdog
6950x - Decided to keep for my brother.
Samsung EVO 840 1TB - $OLD to Mizer357


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Bump. Waiting on Ncixus to send it a new unit back to me. Ridiculous how long it's been taking. Over a month now.
Afternoon bump. Had some interest but no one committed. I'm open to other offers including parts for X99 builds (e.g processor, 32 gig memory, 700+ watt gold/plat PSU, AIO 240+ MM AIO coolers)