FS: Lacie d2 Pro 20TB (Iron Wolf Pro), 480GB Kingston SSD

PMed ya over last weekend. Never heard back. Let me know on those cards.


Trying to catch up to everyone's PM now (its been a hectic few weeks) Oh and Zotac 1070 Mini is ready for shipping.
Bump, I know OP was going through some personal stuff, IIRC. Just wanted to see if this FS list is still current. Thanks
Interested in one of the Z170 motherboards. Please let me know how much shipping is to 29856 if you still have at least one of those and which one you have left.
Bump , took a little break to deal with life back to update and get rid of some more stuffs.
jebus! 400 bones OBO at that for a 1080ti?! amazing prices
Bump catching up on PM , 1080ti sold and shipped, Asrock and one 1000w GQ sold and shipped, other power supplies pending. CPU still up for grabs !
bumps for the video professor image, it should really be a gif, it's like were still in the 90's here. also pm'ed you
Sorry everyone been down a few days overwhelmed at work and some bad calls so just was trying to rest and get back into the groove, replying to PM now