FS: HP Z2 Mini G4


Aug 17, 2016
87Zelle preferred but ill do paypal only if its F&F, even if you pay the fee, paypal will wanna stick me for my money...

HP Z2 Mini G4 Intel 9700k 64GB 512GB SSD
windows 11 pro

$315 shipped...

Dragon Touch 4K Portable Monitor 15.6 inch IPS

$SOLD light use, usb-c everything plus hdmi, all cables included..

OnePlus 10T | Black | 5G Unlocked Android U.S Version | 16GB RAM+256GB Storage | 120Hz Fluid AMOLED Display​

$Sold shipped to you, its 5 months old used only 1 month.

HP G2 Mini G4 Intel 8700k 32GB 512GB SSD
windows 11 pro

$Sold shipped

Also have a brand new unlocked Google Pixel 7 in snow white 128gb. Never used or attached to any network, have box and everything in it.

$sold shipped.

heat under same username...
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I would be interested in the Zenbook if it was upgradable to 32GB RAM. :(

Seems crazy they don't even offer it with 32GB RAM either.
Price drops on a fly slim pc, a powerhouse mini pc both sitting on 8 cores!! And a 5G phone rocking 16gb of ram...